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New Website | April 1, 2012

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Gravel Lock

We are official applicators of ‘Gravel lock’ pavement stabilizers and dust suppressants.  See below is further details regarding this innovative product.

Gravel Lock

“Extensive research and development has provided the platform upon which we have created our high tech products including hydrophilic, hydroscopic, co-polymer and polymer mixes for Portland Cement. Patent pending technologies and specialized development have lead to a comprehensive range of product solutions customized for all your Road and Dust Suppressant needs.

Gravel Locks innovative range of products include Gravel Lock HSC Patent Pending, Gravel Lock CSC, Gravel Locks Flexi-C-Crete and RDC.

Gravel Lock products are specifically designed as soil stabilizers, to control and suppress dust in a range of applications. Gravel Lock products are environmentally-benign and biodegradable which will stabilize and solidify any soil or aggregate, they can be used for erosion control, dust suppression and stabilization of gravel, sand or soil roads as well as cost-effective and time-efficient construction of road sub-grades.

Innovative new research into polymers and processing techniques have allowed new types of polymer particles and polymer-nano-technology applications to be applied to Gravel Locks range of polymer products to create far superior, leading edge dust suppression and stabilization products which are both extremely efficient and cost-effective.”

For more information visit:  http://gravellock.co.nz/